Who Do You Think You Are?

Have you ever been put down with the question, “Who do you think you are?”  Have you halted your own growth because of the opinion of others or your own limited knowledge?  We do this in countless ways, but we need not do this.  Join Lee Ann for a very personal pep talk–one that she gives herself!  Find out what Jesus, Luke, Robert Kennedy and Marianne Williamson have to say about your fear and self-doubts.    


Send any request for card/special occasion note/prayer request to  leeann@hoorayliving.com.  You know you want something other than bills and circulars to arrive in your mailbox!  Ask!


Lee Ann raves about Marianne Williamson on this weekly podcast.  If you haven’t read any of Ms. Williamson’s work, start with her first bestseller, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. You’ll thank us!

About the Author Lee Ann Hopkins

"Smile and the world smiles with you." That's the motto she lives by. Lee Ann is perfectly imperfect and unabashed about it even as she strives for higher and "better" every day. Both her can-do and her foibles are as fabulous as her smile. So take a moment and breathe in Lee Ann's "hooray" for today! Ms. Hopkins is host of the podcast Hooray Weekly, founder of The Hooray Daily and Hooray Living, a speaker, writer and do-gooder, who believe-it-or-not has been a public-interest attorney and clergywoman for longer than she cares to admit. Check out her books, You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations, and Hooray for You: 365 Get-Up-and-Go-Go Quotes for Your Year. When you write her, send along a clergy and attorney joke. She loves 'em!

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