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Mine the sacred and everyday for your Hooray Life
If you're looking for a safe harbor to explore your life and learn with a fellow traveler and teacher on this path, then welcome.  You need look no further.  Listen in weekly to the podcast, join the positive community that is being built with other seekers and social justice lovers like yourself and be a part of the fun!  So glad you are here!

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Wonderful, practical tools to help manage the craziness in our lives!  I love the stories and insight!  Much needed in a time where we all need a little (or a lot) of support!

Cindy E.                  

A dose of positive thinking and practical understanding to get you through the week - even if you are not particularly spiritual.


Lee Ann Hopkins's Hooray Weekly podcast never ceases to lift my spirits high and remind me of the Truth and what's truly important.  Lee Ann infuses each episode with nourishing and practical wisdom, spiritual guidance and loving support.  Listen to each episode and you'll understand why she never gives up on any of us!


You've heard Lee Ann's "Moments" on the Hooray Weekly.  Now it's time to turn the tables and get some feel-good stories from the Hooray Weekly community. We'll listen to all the submissions and share those stories that FIT the tone and intention of Hooray Weekly. We'd all love to experience something that surprised you, delighted you or brought you hope and encouragement. (Think Metropolitan Diary of the New York Times, but a recorded piece...) Once the submissions are chosen to be shared in the podcast, Lee Ann will reach out to you and get some backstory on WHO you are, WHERE you live and HOW you found out about the Hooray Weekly. Thank you for making a recording and sharing it with us. We are honored. (BTW, this is a voluntary submission. All rights for this one broadcast remain with HW. We aren't making money on this!)

Deets: Record and submit a 4-6 minute polished story (in .wav format) to leeann@hoorayweekly.com. Include in your submission your contact information and tell us why you want to have your story published. Also include a short bio.  THANK YOU!!

You Are All That: Creating a Great Life with Affirmations

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This little gem can lead you to a happy place; adopt Lee Ann Hopkins's simple but sage approach and you can stay there, too. An easy way to apply all the new neuroscience learning towards a more healthy happy outlook on life and yourself.

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